Monday, May 5, 2008

Grand South America & Antarctica - 2

Grytviken South Georgia

Grytviken the whaling station was set up in 1904 and in operation until 1964. Its part of Cumberland Bay in the West Arm, along the northern coast of South Georgia, was rediscovered and named by British Expedition led by Captain James Cook in 1775. But it’s first sighted by a London merchant in 1675 and was named it Pepys Island in 1684.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Grand South America & Antarctica

Prinsendam on January 3rd – March 10th 2008 was sailing to South America and also Antarctica. In total 68 days with 32 ports and 36 sea days, was really unforgettable experience. Some ports due to lack of time and other reason, I could not go out to explore in the short time I got as crew member. But luckily I have some to share, so here they are:

Fuerte Amador – Panama

It’s the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal jutting out from Balboa. Nice place with sparkly restaurant, souvenir shops. Yachts are shown to have special spot in this port.

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