Wednesday, September 12, 2007

places I've been visited - part 2

Some other pictures you can see at my photobucket or my flickr for the Carribean and Alaska experiences.

With God's will, soon...Europe is coming to explore :)

Key West
This is one of my favorite places to see whenever the ship sails in Caribbean. The central shops in the downtown, its unique souvenir spots, the museum, the culinary…never getting bored of them. May be, because of the downtown is not so far from the harbor, the friendly tram’s drivers who pampers us to explore the downtown, some cheap souvenirs differ from other places and a lot more things. The nice harbor angle to shoot, especially when the sunset happened, kept me to stay.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

tips for medical checkup

At my previous article, I mentioned that I should be on the Rotterdam ship on July 17th, but my name was suddenly disappeared from the list. Thanks God a miracle happened, my friend asked me to replace him earlier than the schedule, September 22nd to Prinsendam. Since I got an expired medical checkup that I took in May (the health test must be on 45 days prior the joining the ship), so I have to do re-medical check up again in RS. Dharma Nugraha.


Q: What are the tests for re-medical check up?
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