Wednesday, August 29, 2007

places I've been visited - part 1

I would like to share pictures about some places that I have been visited in my last two years working overseas, seeing the Caribbean and Alaska. The lack of time mostly – as an employee – bound me not to explore or even went to see the place when the ship docked or anchored, some other reason I did not bring my DSC-H1 Sony semi pro camera to shoot but thanks to my friend for the help with his camera. I hope that these amateur pictures with short explanation base on my own experience at least, can depict the places well. To see more amateur photos or activities, please visit my flickr or slide.

Costa Maya – Mexico

Friday, August 3, 2007

How to Join a Popeye Flock

Why were you interested in becoming a sailor? What were the reasons? These questions often come from my friends or somebody else whom I just met and know that I am a clerk for a cruise line. Well, actually I have put forth the reasons in the previous article On My Point of View. The next questions are: What are the requirements for applying the same job as yours? Should I take certain courses which are connected with the job? How long is the usual contract given by the company? Many others will come up after those questions. Therefore, this article will hopefully give the answers for the frequently asked questions.

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