Saturday, June 30, 2007

Westerdam, lovely ship

The tiring experience happened again. Long and far away trip had to be done, after got vacation about 3 months from December’05 to March’06. But right now, it must be different. I got a vision that in this year, I’m being promoted to senior clerk! God had promise…

The same experience happened again. I got the same route when I was in Zuiderdam, Caribbean! I arrived in Florida about afternoon time, and over stayed one night before joining the ship.

first time to go abroad

“Are you Fajar?”, “Yes I am”. “Hi I am Yudha, the CMHO*, welcome aboard” then he asked me to go with him. He introduced me to another crews…and asked me to accompany him to the warehouse outside after I got a crew passed. The security was very tight on board; everyone must have IDs (crew ID and I-94) to go in or out, especially in homeport Florida because in some time the local authority without notice, checks the crew.

Monday, June 11, 2007

my stories

Well...I cannot recall all of my childhood like, but I'm sure it was so happy lives. Some that I can remember were, I was bad to the girls when I was in elementary school - so sorry girls I didn't mean it, it's just....I played a little hairy caterpillar and threw it to the them....but I was the one who got the itchiest skin...he...he...- what a bad boy! I was so active boy, wanted to know almost everything...may be that's why my mother put me in a lot of courses...English course, Math, swimming, traditional dancing, painting, silat - Indonesian martial art -, music etc...feuh! tiring lives right? I cannot imagine I lived those activities everyday in that time...could you?I understood that my mother, was a teacher, wanted all of her children to be prepared well for their own future. Thanks mom for all you've done, I really do appreciate it...and now you can see it through all of us!

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