Friday, August 21, 2009

New Zealand Journey, February – April 2009

It’s been proven that New Zealand is a clean country, green and naturally breeze. From my friends’ story, even the video that they took until I stepped on my foot on this tropical land, it’s still exciting place, unspoiled nature….amazing!


A quite town that nestle in the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound near the north-east corner of the South Island, named 1859 to honor Sir Thomas Picton a commander under the Duke of Wellington. It has a lot of cafes, restaurants, art galleries, museum along its waterfront. Across the footbridge in the marina is the restored ship Edwin Fox, a 19th-century fascinating wooden vessel.

This town serves the South Island’s port for ferries to Wellington on the North Island with scheduled ferries service over Cook Strait. This home to some of New Zealand’s most serene farmland has sheltered waters (of the Marlborough Sound) that famous for sailing, fishing and kayaking, dolphin and seal watching. Even throughout year, the whale migrations can be seen along the outer coast.


A warm dry climate city that popular for the summer holidays such as golf, tramping (hiking), mountain biking and white water rafting. Located at the entrance to one of the largest natural harbors in New Zealand and nestled beside the magnificent Mauao (Mount Maunganui), Tauranga is also home to the country’s biggest export port, Port of Tauranga.

The harbour hosts many cruise ship visits each summer and is popular with windsurfers, jet skiers and all those who love to spend their leisure time on the water such as swimming, surfing, fishing, diving, kayaking and kite surfing. With run boat trips, it also common to have dolphin-watching.
This sister city of Hitachi - Japan and Yantai – China is also known by the horticultural fresh produce such as tangelos (a grapefruit / tangerine cross), avocados, and kiwifruit. It is also a popular lifestyle city.

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francis said...

VERY cool site!! Wonderful pictures-thank you so much-made my day! It's great to see when you can't be there yourself! Francis

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