Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Indonesia Independence Day

To commemorate the Indonesian Independence day on August 17th, the Volendam Indonesian crew members had some cheerful activities such as the Flag Raising Ceremony, Sports competition, Karaoke Contest, Gala Dinner and also Crew Party.

Flag Raising Ceremony

Thanks to the Volendam Management, Captain Pieter Bos, Chief officer Gerard Teensma, Hotel Manager Wilhelm Van de Poll and all other Ship Staffs that giving us Indonesian crew members, the time to have the flag raising ceremony.
This sacred moment was held in the marshalling area that attended by most of the Indonesian crew members and also some invitees.

Sports Competition

Some sports that commonly happen in back home were brought also to this event. The Tug of War (tarik tambang), Sack Racing (balap karung), Eating Crackers (makan kerupuk) - were the three biggest crowd attraction during this occasion - Domino (gaple), Winning 11 PS, Chess, and Pool Game.

Karaoke Contest

This was the chance for the crew to express their singing-talent. The final Karaoke Contest was held in the Wajang Teather, one of the Volendam’s show lounges. This one was one of the favorite events every year that attract crowd.

Gala Dinner

Some of the traditional food were served in the Crew messroom. The delicious entrée Nasi Uduk with Bakso, Cah Kangkung Pete, Ayam Kecap, Sate Ayam with Emping crackers, and also Es Teler as the dessert were up to the crew satisfaction. This occasion was honored with some Ship’s Staff and Officers serving the crew.

Crew Party

With red and white shirts as the theme party, this affair was fully crowded in the mooring deck. The Indonesian band showed their talent to entertain the crowd, and DJ Choky rocked the atmosphere for the final. In this party, all the winners for the sport competition and karaoke contest received their prizes such as Ipod Shuffles, Digital Camera, Trophies and some gifts from the concessionaires.


msgNews said...

indonesia sekali yah..
seru banget tu kayanya,
btw, dapet kerupuk kya gitu dari mana yah??

Fajar Nugraha said...

he...he...he...iya, kita selalu usahain back to 'nature', jadi ga merasa jauh dg budaya sendiri :)

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