Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Transit at JFK - Heading to Miami

After a long tiring flight, around 08.30 am April 13'2010 arrived in JFK International Airport New York. Flew with Emirates EK 203 Boeing 777-300 from Dubai at 02.00 am. This flight sometimes experienced little turbulence. The flight was okay eventhough there's barely vacant seat like as the flight from CGK - Dubai. To kill the time, again another movies were the best friend to chat with!

2012The Surrogates, 2012, Couple Retreats and Astro Boy were chosen movies to escape from the boredom. Like the Surrogates that taught us about humanity. No matter what the reason is, human being could not be replaced with robot-alike human. Human has feeling and history that fills the life but not the robot. Astro Boy was about the father's love Prof. Tenma to his son Tobby. Astro Boy, named as Tobby, soon become a friend of human kind because of his help to defend the Metro City from bad robots. The 2012 was about the doom day that was predicted by the Mayan tribe. The point was, there's no different among man such as the religion, the colors,or the tribe when facing dissaster. All together as human kind helping each other when the dissaster arise. The Couple Retreats taught us about the couple boundaries in building the family that based on the loyalty, honesty or our own egoism.

The food was nice. As dinner, the Vegetable Nicoise as appetiser, Mutton Rogan Josh as main course with cheese and biscuits as dessert also the Chicken Tikka wrap was a great snack to have. In the morning, as usual the Chive Scrambled Eggs and croissant were served. All these food were one of another great experience.

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Cerita Hujan said...

Salam kenal... so a nice adventure... ^_^

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